About Centurion Management

We Invest in Each Asset

Centurion Management Company specializes in the property management of 14,300 multi-family, single-family homes, and commercial buildings throughout the state of Arizona. We invest our time and commitment to produce exceptional properties. Through a number of programs such as resident retention and preventative maintenance, we are consistently proactive at all of our properties. By taking charge when repairs are required, we keep expenses down before they become costly. In return, this keeps our residents satisfied and content in a community they can trust.

In addition to investing our time and commitment, we also invest in financial security measures. Through daily, weekly, and monthly financial reports, we remain ahead of the curve and gain important insight about our properties. By investing all of our efforts to make each property successful, we can achieve greatness in the property management industry.

Centurion Management hard at work

Our Mission

Centurion Management Company prides itself on being a company that invests. Whether that be investing in our talented individuals, our assets, or financial security, you can trust we will devote our full time and attention to create some of the best communities in Arizona. We push egos aside to allow our work environment to be a welcoming place for all ideas. When those ideas are in the best interest of our clients, communities, and company, we set them in motion. Our goal is to become one of the best management companies, for our clients and employees.

The Best in Arizona

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Centurion Management has successfully managed a variety of properties throughout the state for more than 27 years. By staying ahead of the curve rather being reactive, we are able to be productive and cost-effective, which benefits everyone in the business cycle. We view each property from an owner’s perspective, which helps us remain flexible and allows us to tailor our skillset to the particular needs of each client.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Centurion Management, we know not everyone needs a full-service management company. Whether you only need help running your day-to-day operations or simply need some financial advice, Centurion Management is proud to offer a la carte service as well. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you find success.

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