Human Resources

One of the key reasons Centurion has been such an effective management company is because of the way Centurion treats its employees. 
Many of the key people in the organization have been with Centurion a very long time and we have an extremely low turnover rate.  Several of our employees have been with the company over 10 years.

Prior to being hired, each Employee:
Must have a clean drug test.
Must sign the Centurion Management Company Employee handbook and agree to abide by all provisions which include random drug testing once hired.
Must pass a criminal background check and never have been convicted of a felony or of a violent or sexually related crime in all places they have lived over the previous seven years unless something suspicious is found, in which case, Centurion may choose to go back farther.
Must provide a valid driver’s license (if on call) or a valid state issued i.d. and a relatively clean driving record.
Must provide identification to prove they are eligible to work in the United States.  Centurion uses E-Verify.
Must have good references.
Must have good credit in connection with the job they will be hired for.

Each employee working at a Centurion managed property must use a time clock to clock in and out each time they arrive at work, go to lunch, return from lunch and when they leave work.
New employees are automatically placed on probation for a period of 90 days during which time both sides have agreed to hold the other harmless if either party terminates the employment arrangement with or without notice.
After the 90 day probationary period, each employee is reviewed and, if there performance has been satisfactory, their probation is revoked and they are then eligible for health insurance and our 401K plan.

Centurion employees currently receive:
  • 61.42% of the employee’s health insurance paid for by employer.  Employee has the option of adding spouse, child or family for actual cost to do so.
  • Dental and Vision Insurance is available at employee’s own expense.
  • Tax-deferred 401(k) plan.
  • Two weeks vacation per year accrued after one full year of continuous service, three weeks vacation per year after five full years of continuous service and four weeks vacation per year after ten full years of continuous service.
  • Vacation is subject to numerous conditions and restrictions including the fact that vacation does not carry over from one year to the next.
  • Eight Paid holidays per year.
  • Five days sick leave per year accrued at 3 1/3 hours per month and cannot ever exceed 40 hours.

Centurion Management Company is an equal employment opportunity employer.