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Centurion maintains a strict no cash acceptance policy.
Property managers are required to scan/fax all deposits made immediately to the accounting department to be compared to what shows up in the system.
A delinquency report is required weekly from all managers.
No one in the company has both the ability to write checks and sign checks.  Only Brian Wareing and Greta Wood have the authority to sign checks and both are restricted from writing a check.  There are no hand checks available.  All checks are printed with a special magnetic toner that machines at the banks have the ability to read.
Centurion’s Controller or an in-house Accounting Assistant prints the checks and closes the books for the month on a property while Centurion’s C.F.O. reconciles the bank statements.
All properties carry a $10,000 Employee Dishonesty policy to cover the theft of any funds.  This policy can be increased to any amount an Owner wishes.
In addition, Centurion requires all employees to sign an employee handbook that is reviewed by our attorney annually to ensure it remains in compliance with the law.

Centurion utilizes what we feel is the best property management software for managing L.I.H.T.C. properties in the industry:  Yardi Property Management and Section 42 L.I.H.T.C. Compliance Software.
The data is stored on a secure off-site server and backed up daily to a secure off-site location. 
Each user is assigned his/her own login name and password along with a description which can be tailored to fit the individual’s needs.  This description limits what the individual can view or change. 
For instance, on-site Managers may be restricted from viewing cash balances or other data the property owner might want to keep private. Owners are generally assigned a description that allows them to view everything but change nothing. 
The Internet based software will allow an Owner to view any data pertaining to their property from any place with Internet connectivity.